LU-3 Luminol/Blood Detection Kit


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For the detection of invisible blood stains

The NARTEC Luminol Blood Detection Kit (LU-3) is a very useful kit for searching for traces of blood in large areas, especially when the suspect area has been cleaned up. If an attempt has been made to clean the crime scene, the luminol test is useful for locating blood that may have flown into floorboard cracks, into carpet padding, on dark colored items, behind baseboards, etc. Luminol is a chemical that when applied to bloodstains, even very dilute stains, will cause the blood to glow in the dark. Because of its sensitivity (one part in 5,000,000) blood will react with the luminol reagent by luminescing or glowing. Therefore, darkness is essential.

The NARTEC Luminol kit (LU-3) contains one 8 oz plastic bottle that contains premixed chemicals, a spray head and a known control, sufficient for one crime scene investigation. The spray head is removed from the bottle and water is added to the bottle to approximately one inch from the top. Screw the spray head onto the bottle and gently swirl or shake, to dissolve the powder. Distilled water is preferred but bottled non-carbonated, non-mineral water can be used.

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