"I wanted to let you know that i proudly endorse your product to other K9 and Narcotics Officers as well as departments. I use your cocaine and meth field test kits. I find them to be the best field test kits I have used. I am able to test the smallest amount of residue and get a result. Being a K9 handler it is important to document our positive alerts. I have used your cocaine test kits on countless stops. I have tested substances in carpet, clothing , spoons, and drug equipment as well as on the suspects them selves. We had a suspect eat and destroy evidence on one of the stops. The suspect spit as he swallowed the substance. I used one of your kits and tested the saliva on the ground and it came back positive we charged him with possession and destroying evidence. Thank you again for making a great product that our Narcotics unit and patrol units use."

-- Anonymous


"I got some samples at the Alabama Narcotics Officers Association meeting in Orange Beach. These kits work great with meth labs on plates, dishes, and top of microwaves. Our Agency will not buy any until we exhaust our old supply, however I will not wait and will buy them myself until then. Thank you"

-- Anonymous


"I have been in law enforcement for over 25 years mostly working narcotics cases and now as a Sheriff. Nartec is the only brand of field test that we use currently or will ever use. The ease of use and the accuracy cannot be matched by any other brand."

-- Tony Wheatley - Moniteau County Missouri Sheriff's Office