BD-5 Blood Detection Kit


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Is it blood? Answer this question in minutes with the NARTEC Blood Detection Kit, a field test kit for identifying and confirming the presence of blood. This is a highly sensitive test for minute traces of hemoglobin and its derivatives. Complete instruction are included. There are enough reagents or ten investigations per kit.

Simple to use:

  1. Prepare the test solution – average time is 30 seconds to one minute.
  2. Rub contact test paper over suspect stain – average time is 30 seconds.
  3. Drop test solution onto test paper and observe blue-green color development for blood – average time is 30 seconds.

Kit contains everything needed for conducting tests. Instructions included.


Included are ten vials of pre-measured chemicals. Many individual tests are available from each vial of prepared test solution.

Compact and disposable

The complete kit is a compact 6 x 4 x 2 inches. All items are disposable after use.

*A $3/box restocking fee will be applied to all returns of this product. Please be sure this is what you want when you place your order.

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